The ETIC Research Robot for Student Engagement & Learning Activities

What is the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. program?
 E.R.R.S.E.L.A. is a collaborative research and student engagement program created by New York Institute of Technology at the College of Engineering & Computing Sciences . The program was originated at the Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center (ETIC)  and enables students from multiple disciplines, and with varied skill levels, to collaborate and participate in the robot's design and functionality. Students from New York Tech  as well as students from various middle schools, high schools and other regional
2 and 4 year colleges can all participate in the design project to gain real world experience in various areas of engineering and computer science.

How does it work?

College students and K-12 educators can register to participate in the program. Once they register they are mentored in creating unique projects that add functionality to the robot. The entire program is run remotely using cameras in the New York Tech ETIC lab. Students and educators can participate from home or from their classrooms. Participants can choose between using custom designed tools to create routines for the robot or they can create their own Java or Python code using our custom E.R.R.S.E.L.A. application programming interface (API). Students can even create new electronic or electro-mechanical devices that control the robot through the API. Some examples of student engagement projects are programming the robot to navigate an obstacle course or to have the robot give a lesson to your class on the current topic of study. Other more advanced projects can be to build a custom remote control device such as a joystick to control the robot remotely.
How do students benefit from the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. program?
Students that participate in E.R.R.S.E.L.A. are exposed to a variety of high technology skills including computer programming, system design, and robotics. More importantly, they are introduced to the enormous potential of a career in engineering and computer science. Students learn to work in teams, learn project management skills, and they learn to create new technologies that become part of a functional robot. Students are invited to share their work on the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. website with other students if they choose.

What can students learn from the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. program?
Depending on the project selected by the class, students that collaborate on the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. project gain hands-on experience with various technologies including, but not limited to, Windows Server, Raspian Linux, Python, ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Machine Learning, Raspberry Pi 3 / Zero, 12 Volt Circuit Design, PCB Circuit Printing, Robotic Arm Design, Linear Actuator Control, Ultrasound Sensors, Sense HAT, Infrared Sensors, Object Recognition, GPS Receivers, and CAD Design using Fusion 360.

Who may participate in the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. program?
All K-12 educators and classes as well as college students are welcome to participate in the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. project.

How can I register for the E.R.R.S.E.L.A. program?
It's easy!
register  for the program and someone from the ETIC  at New York Tech
 will be in contact with you to get you started. If you would like to reach out directly to us please contact
Dr. Mike Nizich
 or Ms. Amy Bravo.

Download E.R.R.S.E.L.A. Datasheet